Industrial Pail

CHAI HENG Plastic pioneered industrial pail with a standard design to serve different industrial requirement.
CHAI HENG pail is designed in tapered wall and provided with tamper proof cover. Pail is available in 18L & 20L.

The cover is provided with tamper proof to ensure the safety and avoid adulterate for industrial and food grade quality. There are 3 designs of cover, as plain cover, US Cover, and IM Cover.

Heavy-Duty (HD) Pail

CHAI HENG HD Pail is certified by UN certification for packaging for dangerous goods through few standard tests, which are successfully performed to secure its quality, whereas customers can get extra safety against leakage, cracks and accidental openings.

Light-Weight (LW) Pail

CHAI HENG LW Pail is 20% lighter compared to HD Pails, but the necessary tests are still conducted to ensure its quality and to fulfill the basic quality requirement.