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Bottle Packaging

CHAI HENG bottle - has a wide range of standard design from 80ml-5lt with using HDPE, PP resin.

By working together with our customer, CHAI HENG has also customize plastic packaging solution that tailors to customer requirement by integrating customer's ideas of packaging together with our technical knowledge which converted idea to a unique packaging that meet our customer operation and marketing requirement (examples: 2L Goodday, Marigold ,Peel Fresh).

We are committed into plastic packaging solution that meet you and your customer requirement into food safety, specific demand of testing and control. Our quality concern is including bottle strength and design to withstand impact during handling, delivery, storing and customer's side product filling.

Industrial Pail

CHAI HENG Pail - strong and durable plastic packaging in the market, having a standard design to serve different industrial requirement.

Heavy-Duty Pail is UN certified pail to packaging for dangerous goods through few standard tests to ensure and secure its quality, whereas customers can get extra safety against leakage, cracks and accidental openings, quality to sustain and minimize the risk during shipment.

Light-Weight Pail is lighter by 16% compared to Heavy-Duty Pail, which is developed to satisfy some customers who request lower cost and basic quality requirement.

Injection Part

Injection moulding - Total 12 units of injection machines ranging from 20 to 800 tons are ready to meet different industrial requirement.

CHAI HENG injection moulding is specialized in cap and closure system, food container, plastic crate, and etc.

CHAI HENG also offer custom plastic injection moulding parts for various industries, including F&B, household, which is exported to Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and India.

Customer Support

When you need manufacturer's support CHAI HENG has the ability to provide manufacturing support with good quality and competitive cost, with your own mould, our standard mould or also new mould.

When you need to develop new mould CHAI HENG remains good relationship with few mould makers in China and Taiwan, so able to make new mould upon your requirement with competitive cost.

When you need an innovative and unique design CHAI HENG is able to share the idea and make the mould accordingly upon you requirement.